was created by Marco Garofalo as the operative arm of Workshop7 Architettura, the studio founded in 2003 by Garofalo himself together with Marta Scuncio and Massimiliano Celani, in which he gained over ten years in the field of advanced architectural design of complex structures in all sectors of public buildings and also participating in national and international competitions, conducted both on their own and in collaboration with leading professional firms and construction companies. Among these is the long association with the Studio Valle Progettazioni, in particular with Prof. Arch. Tommaso Valle, who in the last 10 years has led MG and his studio to collaborate in numerous important projects, including international ones, in 'of which he has always held key roles: - Principal designer in the very first phase processing of the idea / concept, also through the direct processing of the three-dimensional concept (thanks to the excellent expertise in the use of 3DStudio software); - Chief Architect at the helm of the highly professional and often multidisciplinary design teams. - Modeling and Rendering Manager in the subsequent development of the 3D model aimed at the production of project drawings, as well as in final editing;

3D3 & BIM



            In over twenty years of training and practical experience Marco Garofalo has achieved an uncommon competence and mastery of modeling and graphic editing tools (in particular 3DStudio Max, but not only). Since the early nineties, he has led an embryonic research activity in three-dimensional design, still rather limited by a still unrefined medium. Soon he began to deepen the first versions of the 3DStudio modeling software (today 3D Studio Max, reference software in the field), of which in these years I have explored in depth the great power and versatility. This gave him the opportunity to develop a personal design method based on the creation and manipulation of shapes directly from a three-dimensional model, what we call Three-dimensional Direct Design, or 3D3, an operative procedure that today is the basis of the design process that is commonly referred to as BIM (Building Information Model).

This approach to architectural composition - even today unfortunately rarely used in the professional architectural field, in the last 10 years has found wide application in projects (competitions and / or proposals) in which it has been involved by colleagues and clients, informing and optimizing the entire creative and production process, from the initial concept to the development of construction details.





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